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Going beyond “logic” to help you

become the person you want to be. ™ 

Alchemy: The process of taking something that seems ordinary and making it extra-ordinary, sometimes in a way that can’t be explained.  A seemingly magical process of transformation and/or creation.
Deon Belcher

About Deon

Deon Belcher is the founder of, a teaching and awareness practice to help bring an understanding that YOU have the power and ability to transform and/or create whatever you want in life! Through the processes that have been developed, a seemingly magical process of transformation takes place, making what seemed ordinary or “out of your control”, into something YOU brilliantly created, something extra-ordinary!

Ready to Learn More About Alchemy? Let's Go!
Teaching and inspiring others to go beyond conventional assumptions about personal growth and transformation by giving the tools and elements necessary for
YOU to create the life you want.

The Alchemy of Humanity Process

Step 1: The Five A’s of Human AlchemyGoing beyond “logic.” | Coming Soon!

Step 2: H.U.M.A.N.Discovering the elements already within you. | Coming Soon!

Step 3: Intensifying the ProcessThe Umbilical Cord of the Soul. |

Coming Soon!

Step 4: The Energy of Human AlchemyRaising up on the scale of human frequency. | Coming Soon!

Step 5: Continuously CreatingDeveloping Co-Creation | Coming Soon!

Personal Alchemy Coaching

Tap in to Deon’s years of experience in a 1-on-1 private coaching session to further help design your best YOU! 


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